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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are sessions held?

I meet with all students via Zoom. I use the Zoom whiteboard as a shared workspace and I screen share from Desmos and other programs as needed. It can be helpful if students have a tablet and stylus so they can draw on the screen as well, but this is by no means a requirement.

How long are sessions?

The standard meeting time is one hour, but students can arrange for additional time as needed.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel, please do so at least 24 hours in advance of the session. Cancellations within 24 hours will be subject to a one hour charge.

How often do you typically meet with students?

I meet with most students once a week for an hour with a second session added in during a test week. This level of support is appropriate for students who are able to work through their homework independently most nights of the week but benefit from a dedicated weekly time to check in on concepts as they are being developed.

I meet with some students only in advance of tests. This level of support is appropriate for students who are confident in their ability to stay on top of the material and homework as it is assigned but want to check in on some conceptual nuances or challenge problems as part of their study process.

I meet with some students multiple times a week. This level of support is appropriate for students who struggle with motivation or are missing some of the details necessary to work through their homework independently.

What is your tutoring philosophy?

I let my students lead the way and I try to provide the minimal amount of guidance necessary to keep them on track. This guidance will often be in the form of a leading question. My students are the ones taking their exams, not me, and my goal is to help them develop the skills to work through problems on assessments and in class without my guidance. While watching me work through problems from start to finish might seem productive in the moment, it does very little to help my students learn the material themselves.

I take time to learn about the particulars of a course/curriculum. If the course emphasizes algebraic and computational challenge, I make sure students have the tools to work through complex problems from start to finish with accuracy and thorough justification. If the course emphasizes problem solving, I make sure students have the tools to parse through the given information and come up with an efficient strategy.

How can a student derive maximum benefit from their sessions?

Students should keep track of their questions and points of confusion as they accumulate so we can review them together during our sessions. It is helpful when students come into a session and say We’ve been talking about ____ during class and I am confused about this aspect of it or We did this question in class and I still don’t get it. Students should think of our sessions as their opportunity to fully catch up on their math coursework.

Is there anything else we should know?

I love math but I know it can be a challenging subject for many students. I strive to make our sessions productive, fun and confidence building.

Dana Albert
Math Tutor